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Owners' comments

We have a small, but growing, customer base and at some time or another all have commented favourably about their Roller. 

We'll add more (unsolicited) comments to this page as we come across them in the email box.




Thank you. Feel free to use me as a reference. I broke my back and this trike enables me to ride without pain (other than my quadriceps....ha ha). really like the way the trike handles - it's very responsive. Going downhill feels like a go cart. I'm really impressed with the design. Also, your updates on the building and shipping were well appreciated. It's stressful purchasing a high cost item online and half-way around the world. Your contact helped minimize my anxiety. Keep up the great work and good business etiquette. And again, I'll be using my new toy frequently. Thanks for making my riding days better.

Happy riding,
Chip (Arvada, CO, USA)



Dear Mike and Ann,

Just a quick note to tell you my Roller now has just shy of 500 miles up. Apart from the p*ncture fairy visiting the only thing done has been a bit of routine care and attention and adjustment.

It is a pleasure to ride 40-50 miles and certainly attracts attention. It is extremely comfortable, those armrests are a real blessing. It's even so comfortable that I'm trying to figure out a way of getting my lunch out of the panniers without getting off the trike!!!

I did use the really low gear once - I was coming back from a ride and had a long uphill drag towards the end.  This hill seems to go on for ever and has a nasty sharp climb at the end.  It was nice after 35 miles to have the really low gear to crawl up the nasty bit.

Hope you are both well and thanks for making such a nice machine.

James (Thatcham, UK)



". . . the armrests are tremendous!   I don't know how we ever managed without them.  They really make a big difference not only to the comfort but also to the finesse of the steering.  It is so much easier to use subtle corrections now that you are able to relax the arms completely.
A superb mod. - many thanks"

Email from John & Dawn (Nottingham, UK)



The video is great! Very classy. Is that you in the opening shot?  I think itís great to see it in action. Who knows you may have to start a second shift to keep up with demand. If all your customers are as happy as I am we may have to build a monument or something."

Email from Barry (Texas,USA)


"All in all I am getting an immense amount of enjoyment from the trike and an almost equal amount of enjoyment (of a different sort) as I look at the design and construction. You really have evolved a very well thought through design Mike, and just owning it gives me a great deal of pleasure. As for riding it, I continue to make friends with total strangers who are fascinated by it and
love trying it out for themselves.

Speak to you soon. Best wishes to yourself and Ann"

Email from Bert (Cambridge, UK)




 " Hope your trial demo was a success & more RRs are about to populate the
earth (tho' not too many - I don't want to be seen as common!).
    Well, my dear trike's nearly a year old now, & teething problems
(& punctures!) apart, it's been a real joy to own, thank you very much Mike,
& many thanks to Ann too. All the very best,
 Aye, Ian."

Email from Ian (Wirral, UK)




"Dear Mike

I've just had another look at your web site.  I like the yellow trike! 

Just to let you know that all is going well with my 'little' trike, as kids call it.  I can maintain an average speed as good as that which I do on my upright two-wheeler - without the aches in back, neck and wrists.  I'm a little slower uphill, but I now can enjoy bombing downhill while feeling quite safe and stable.

I can just get it, with the seat folded down, through the door of an IC125
train luggage van, and, with a struggle, into the luggage bay of a 156
Sprinter (not the one which has a slot for, in theory, two cycles).  On its
side, it sits comfortably in the 'wheelchair' area of a Turbostar train.

I'm hoping to take it by air to Poland next summer. (LOT Polish Airlines at
Krakow didn't want me to pack down my Moulton APB in any way last summer!)

I would recommend your trike to anyone.

Season's greetings"

Email from John (Kettering, UK)



Hi Mike and Ann,
Had a great time bringing the Rollers home.

First day cycled to Rutland Water arriving at 20:30 with no aches or pains. All road users were very courteous to us, letting us out of junctions, stopping for a chat or tooting their horns and giving us the thumbs up. What an unusual experience.. Averaged 9.2mph with highs of 25 and lows of 3mph! The trailer was great on the flats but was very noticeable on the climbs. Not surprising really. A useful exercise non-the-less.

Day two, we cycled the remaining distance home.
 A really good day on quiet back roads up hill and down. High of 30mph and a low of 2mph up a steep incline over the wolds.  Noticeable that we were
travelling faster and pulling slightly higher gears.  I think we will see big improvements over the coming weeks as we get cycle-fit again.

The Rollers were just out of this world. The comfort is amazing - as is the
view of the road ahead.  No problems at all in the first 115 miles (we took a
round about route).

Thank you both for all you have done for us. We'll be in touch again soon and let you know how we are getting on. Could you email us any pics with us in them, if possible?

Best regards from two very satisfied customers.

John and Dawn (Nottingham, UK)


Lunch(?) stop on the way home to Nottingham


Dear Mike & Ann,

Just a few lines to let you know how things are going - brilliant!  I've been out on the trike most nights and done a couple of longer runs at the weekends; one 50 miles, another 82.  This weekend I plan to get into triple figures for the first time.

I really like everything about the trike, and am constantly smiling at the thought that went into the design.  For example, I added a few links to the chain after you lengthened the boom for me. It quietened things down initially, but I've now discovered the transmission is much better the way you supplied it in the first place! After I took the extra ones out again, the chain doesn't slap around, and it's still quiet - I know, you said it would quieten down when I collected it.

The seat is so comfortable and I love the pocket at the back of the headrest.  A work colleague was particularly impressed with the stitching on the flap.  I never hear the new flag either!

I have had a lot of interest shown in the trike. One female friend, who suffers from a bad back, has had a go and was so bowled over with it, she is seriously thinking about getting her own. I told her about the website - love the new pictures by the way - and she's going to visit.  I also said you were more than willing to tailor things to the individual, as you did with my gearing, although in fact there's really no need - the original is so spot on.

So many thanks to you both for a wonderful machine.  I know I paid for it, but the quality and thoughtfulness you've shown go beyond the call of duty.

Warmest regards,

John (Durham, UK)

PS  You are welcome to give my number to anyone in this area who contacts you, and would like to come and have a look, talk or ride, before making the trip down to
King's Lynn .



' . . . It really is a brilliant piece of engineering - in fact I was tempted to bring it into the lounge as my favourite arm chair! . . . '

Chris (Crawley, UK)


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Last updated: 6 March 2006




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